Mozilla previews a faster Firefox and an another design for Android

Mozilla today announced the first preview of a redesigned version of Firefox for Android, which promises to be two times faster. The new version introduces easy-to-use and minimal user interfaces as well as support for archiving, new bookmarks from Mozilla. The modern browser also has Firefox’s tracking protection, which is turned on by default. Over time, this preview will become the default Firefox for Android.

A few years ago, with Quantum, the Firefox team improved many low-hood improvements in the browser’s core backend technologies. Now, it is doing something similar with Geeko View for Mozilla’s browser engine for Android. The organisation writes in today’s announcement, “Mobile Firefox paves the way for a complete change of experience”, implementing the technology developed for it in the browser now.

The Firefox team announces, “While all other major Android browsers are based on the blink today and therefore examine Google’s decisions about mobile, the Gecko View Engine of Firefox ensures independence for us and our users.” “The creation of Firefox for Android on the Gecko View also provides greater flexibility in the type of privacy and security features we can provide to our users.”

An initial version of Firefox with GeckoWeu is now available for testing on Android under the Firefox Preview Moniker. Mozilla notes that the user experience will change significantly before finalising it.

Screenshots 20190627 081245 When you launch it for the first time, Preview opens a new default experience that lets you sign in to a Firefox account, decide whether you want a light or dark subject (or by the time of day System switch is automatically done) Turn on privacy features and more.

One feature I appreciate is that by default, the URL bar at the bottom of the preview screen is so that it is within easy reach of your thumb. If you swipe on the URL bar, you’ll find both a share and a bookmark icon. That is getting some habit but quickly becomes second nature.

I have not run any formal benchmark, but the preview definitely feels many snappers and sleek compared to any show Firefox version on Android, to this point where I will not hesitate to make my default browser on mobile, especially Its built-in privacy features I have not gone into any hard crashes so far, but this is clearly a beta version, so your mileage might vary.

For the rest of the year, the team will focus on optimising the preview for all Android devices, but for now, it is already worth seeing if you want to play with a new mobile browser on your Android device and not be scared Are there. Occasionally the bug

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