Oculus Rift Creator Not Aware Of Being Bought By Facebook


Oculus VR’s $2B acquisition has made its small number of stakeholders both rich and famous. That’s why some people in the tech industry found it weird that Palmer Luckey, co-founder and former CEO, hadn’t spoken publicly since being bought. Facebook employees just discovered why: Luckey has been playing a video game with his head-mounted display for the past five months, and was not aware that his company was now part of the social media giant.

‘I got the beta version of Minecraft for Oculus early February’ declared Luckey. ‘The game was so good, I was totally immersed in it and did not see time fly by’. Two wooden houses with medium-sized swimming pools and half a dozen cows in his farm later, he decided to take a break and remove the Rift from his head. ‘I realized that our office had changed while I was playing and did not understand immediately the thumbs up posters’ admitted Luckey. ‘Then some new guy explained that I was now billionaire and part of Facebook.’

According to rumors, Luckey will now be working on the integration of the Poke and Like functions into Oculus Rift. ‘I’m so excited right now! And I can’t wait to play the final version of Minecraft on our platform!’ simply said the 21-year-old former CEO.

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  1. jossyboy says:

    What….. i guess nothing on this site is real…. its fun though

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